The Jacket

Last time I went to London I was on the bus with my friend to Hampstead Heath and sitting across from us was a woman with the most amazing outfit. Her entire outfit was all black and edgy yet elegant, but it was all pulled together by the jacket she wore. I basically freaked out next to my friend, poking her repeatedly and trying to low-key tell her HOW FREAKING MUCH I LOVE HER FUCKING JACKET OMGGGG!!!! I am pretty sure the woman heard me…

So when we got back home I sat down determined to find this jacket, not knowing where it was from, if it was still available or even from somewhere in the UK. I found it after 2 minutes, a personal record I am very proud of might I add. It was from Whistles, o gorgeous, gorgeous Whistles, AND.. it was on sale! So it was pretty clear the universe wanted, NAY, needed me to have this jacket. It was fate! At least that is what I told myself to justify buying it.

And dear me, I am in loveeee!

The cropped jacket has black and the occasional sparkly fabric fringes sewn in light rows all over it, but luckily it doesn’t make me look all bulky like some fur jackets sometimes do when the layers are too packed. The fabric of the jacket in general is very light and I love that it doesn’t have an inner lining, because often you will see the most amazing jacket, sometimes even expensive, with the cheapest polyester lining, which means you and your tops will start to stink after wearing it twice, it also makes you all sweaty and stinky when wearing jackets like that. The jackets has a row of very subtle black hook and eye fastenings in the front. When I read on the Whistles page that the jacket was sparkly, I was a bit worried it would be overpowering, but when you wear it you can bearly tell, the sparkling fringe is lightly interspersed with the black, just adding a bit of depth to the jacket rather than be too flashy.

The jacket is definitely a head-turner, I cannot wait to style it! So many ideas, ranging from a colourful choker with a plain top to a black or white turtleneck underneath it, over an elegant dress with heels or a bodycon dress with grungy leather boots, so many options! Depending on what you pair it with it can make your outfit be anything from elegant to grungy. I will put up a blog with all my different styling ideas for this piece a little further down the line.


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