The Lip Saviour

I am addicted to the whole 90s vibe. A-line skirts, denim, chokers, and well, matte nudy brown lipsticks. Which look to die for. And leave your lips chapped and dry. Get yours now!

And since I fly a lot, with the air conditioning and dry air in planes, my lips just can’t seem to get a break!

I have used so many different chapsticks and lip balms, some of them working for a while, but none really ever getting my lips to fully recover from airplane air cons and matte lipsticks AND moisturise my lips lastingly so that they don’t suddenly decide to flake when I apply liquid lipstick.

And then my mum had this tub of lip balm sitting on the counter when I came to visit her. And since my own lip balm had yet again let me down, I snatched it. And it turns out, this nuxe reve de miel lip balm was the saviour of my lips! It lastingly moisturises my lips rather than leaving them what feels like even drier than before after a few hours.

I fell in love with this lip balm, so I kept it, informing my mum via a cheeky text when I was safely back in another country that I had taken her lip balm. IT’S MINEEE NOWWWW!

Now this is not a new product and I am sure I am quite late to the craze, but it’s so amazing I had to rave about it officially here.

It’s a small tub filled with a smooth balm that I just dab my finger into lightly and then massage the balm into my lips. At around $15 a tub it’s not the cheapest of lip balms I have to admit, but you need so little of it that it lasts ages. I have used it for 3-4 months now and it only has a little dip in it.


I usually apply it right before going to bed, especially if I am getting a cold and know my lips might get more chapped during the night, and then always before applying my makeup to let the moisture really sink into my lips before applying my beloved matte lipstick or liquid lip. 

17230233_1648246045203609_1437081614_o (1).jpg


The balm melts really nicely under your body heat, which is why I actually for once don’t mind at all that I am applying it with my finger. I find it really helps my lips absorb the moisture from the warmed balm. It also means that the balm can be sensitive to temperature, so don’t let it get too cold, because it will be solid and quite hard to get out of the tub, but if you keep it at a nice warm room temperature, you will be fine. Also, don’t accidentally take it into the sauna, it might melt. Makes it also kind of hard to apply… Not that I am speaking out of experience…

So, for all the people with dry lips or a similar obsession with matte lipstick out there, I would highly recommend you try the nuxe lip balm, it will change your lips. And your life.


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