Blouses and Shirts

After spending what felt like eternity in big knitted jumpers during this winter, I was in dire need for spring to arrive and drag the flowy blouses and light shirts right with it. Slight problem. I don’t have money. But I figured since I have not bought myself anything apart from food and the occasional subway ticket in the last few months, I decided I was allowed to spend a little bit on a new Spring wardrobe. Okay, a little more. But ASOS does 10% off for students, so you feel much better about spending all your money on clothes and live off pot noodles for the rest of the month. Or your life.

I have been really into light blouses tucked into high waist trousers. I found a dark blue blouse by Mango and a white blouse by Jaqueline De Yong.

They are such light and flowy material. I have always had a bit of a problem wearing blouses because the sleeves and chestal area were always too tight, but if I got a bigger size it wasn’t fitted at the waist anymore and just kind of looked baggy and shapeless. And when I was younger I had a problem with sweat, which meant I was incredibly self-conscious and couldn’t wear anything with tight underarm areas. So, slowly I am getting my confidence back and pushing myself to try more fashion pieces I was always too self-conscious to wear. Go me! I actually enjoy wearing blouses and fitted shirts much more now, and I am getting really into the half casual, half professional look. Depending on the shoes and accessories I pair my blouses with, I can dress them up or down, how cool!

I also got a bit of a chunkier checkered blouse from Mango, which I sometimes wear tucked into trousers, but because it is also quite long in the back and not too fitted around the waist, I mostly wear it over a black tight mini skirt or bodycon dress.

I also saw this amazing mesh longline shirt by River Island online and.. well.., I HAD TO OWN IT! I was afraid the mesh would feel plasticy, but it is really soft and comfortable to wear. I usually wear a plain, black bodycon dress underneath it.

So, yeaaahh sure, I might be poor for the next few weeks, but at least I am ready for Spring, babyyyyy!


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